The Two Apps that Help You Profit from Walking

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Walking is one of the most underrated exercises for parents. It is easy to do with your kids and can be incorporated into your daily routine. If you have to run errands, you can walk! Have to take the kids to the park? Walk there! I walk so much on a daily basis that I don’t even notice it’s exercise. I actually prefer walking because it is less of a fuss than folding a stroller into the trunk, strapping my kids in and having to spread out my attention between co-piloting and my kids cries in the back. My son gets motion sickness, which I relate to because I had it as a child need the windows open to keep feelings of suffocation away to this day. My daughter just plain screams after she’s had to spend more than ten minutes strapped in. Plus, you see so much more of your neighborhood when you walk so when I spotted an ad for Indeed’s Job Spotter app, I was psyched to try it out. The app gives you points for posting Help Wanted signs. The process goes something like this, 

1.Spot a help wanted sign.

2.Snap a clear close up picture of the sign. Hit the check mark to upload.

3. Step back and snap a picture of the storefront, showing the name of the store with the sign. Hit the checkmark to submit.

Wait, and once you get approved, you’ll get points that are equal to a numerical amount for a gift card. If you get 200 points for a submission, that’s 2.00. Some submissions only get you 30 points, at 30 cents while others get you close to 200. Currently the gift card option they have is Amazon, which is great if you want to save up for something you’ve been eyeing or have to get a present or someone with an Amazon registry. They also have monthly competitions for gift cards of bigger value, which is pretty exciting if you’re as competitive as me. It’s also a great opportunity to visit areas you’re not normally in.

The other app is actually a step counter by the name of Sweatcoin that works with your GPS. What makes it different from some step counters is that their points give you an in app currency called “sweat coins” which you can later redeem for offers or gift cards. Since it works with your GPS, the steps must be taken outside, but if you’re using it along with job spotter, like I do, then your armed with double the benefits. My only issue with Sweatcoin is their currency is pretty inflated so it make take you close to 5 months to  redeem a prize like a 50.00 gift card. It is still worth it if you’re already wanting to count your steps and they have cool sponsored products that you can get with the currency for less. You can also contact to sell on there if you have a small business so it may be worth it if it can maximize your earnings that way. It also helps get more eyes on your brand. 

Keep in mind that regardless of whether you’re at the top of these apps users in earnings, you’re still winning because walking has a ton of health benefits your body will thank you for later!


4 thoughts on “The Two Apps that Help You Profit from Walking

  1. This is really interesting! I’ll have to try it out. Get fit and get paid, you can’t beat that. Thank you for sharing.


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