I made this blog with the purpose of sharing my experiences with other moms who may relate. I have two kids, each with their individual personalities and often times you get the feeling you’re the only one going through or feeling a certain way until you go on Pinterest and find a meme and sigh with relief that you can laugh about this. I hope other mothers will relate and find my accounts helpful. I’m still no parenting expert, and every time I think I have a system down, these kids evolve along with the challenges they bring me. However, if I can recommend one thing that has really helped brought me some clarity into understanding my oldest’s personality and his reactions to my attempts to teach him, it is to listen to the Dyslexia podcast.  It isn’t just about dyslexics and provides a great deal of insight to the inner workings of a the minds of a child whose learning style just might not fit into a one size fits all scheme. It even serves to remind us of some fo the challenges we faced that we might have forgotten about in dealing with our own kids. Throughout my blog entries, I’ll continue to share other findings.