How to have a $70 date for $10

We all need a date night or a girls night out every now and then but often enough there are more costs involved than just the outing. Sometimes we need a babysitter and many times we want to splurge a little on ourselves before going out which is all the more reason to get the most bang for your buck. I was really excited when I figured out a way to get myself a 70.00 date night for 10.00. That’s the beauty of parenthood. You can relish in little things like this.

The first step in my master plan was to sign up for Ebates. Why not? I thought. I’d been hearing a lot about it and I hadn’t taken the time to sign up but there was a 10.00 offer when I read my morning Skimm. After I signed up I sent out the referrals to my buddies and my husband. I noticed Ebates gets you cash back on Groupon and while I was browsing Groupon I saw that one of my favorite rooftop bars had a deal for 70.00 worth of drinks and food for 35.00. When I got home I told my husband I already knew what he could do for Mother’s day. I sat him down at his computer, walked him through signing up for Ebates and installing it because otherwise he’d never do it and then walked him through buying the Groupon. Once you refer someone to Ebates and they spend over 25.00, you get a 25.00 referral and my husband got the 35.00 deal. He’ll probably also get 6% cash back for Groupon so the whole night out will end up costing him less than 10.00! You can do the same thing with your friends or relatives. I’ll admit it feels a little weird being so aggressive about your referrals but the reality is these things rarely work for me without a lot of handholding on my part. If you don’t need to do all that and just share the link then even better for you! Most of the time when I want to get credits for referrals, I just do my family members the favor of letting them know I’m going simplify shopping for my birthday or whatever seasonal gift I can sneak into the mix. At least I’m saving them money while doing it!



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