Carpal Tunnel Relief

While I don’t actually have carpal tunnel, according to physical therapists and a neurologist, my wrists get terrible joint pain from the combination of picking up a baby and typing. I had the same pain when my son was a baby and after I had a new baby, I faced it again. I did the whole braces thing last time but this time around the pain was so intense that it kept me up at night! I just wanted to cry out of anger, feeling pitiful that already my body was destroyed. Then I snapped out of it, drank some turmeric lattes and tart cherry juice throughout the week (because both help with joint pain) and went back to researching ergonomic tools. I already have the ergonomic keyboard and my laptop sits on a stand so that I’m not hunched over it. But this time the mouse just wasn’t cutting it. Even the ergonomic mouse I used to use was just hurting my finger when I scrolled. I decided to try the pen like mouse option because lets face it, our quill brandishing ancestors hardly dealt with carpal tunnel-like symptoms.


Or maybe they did and just called arthritis and blamed it on the weather. Once it arrived I started using it. After a few days of it, epsom salt baths, Pilates for realignment, and tart cherry juice I was no longer in pain! A few coworkers have stopped to ask about my nifty mouse and I’ve given them the information. One coworker got excited and immediately ordered it last week. Today he told me that he recommended it to a friend with carpal tunnel and she was immediately relieved to know that there was an option out there. This made my day! I love being resourceful and saving people from despair. The mouse works very well and uses your regular AAA rechargeable batteries. I was so pleased that it has functioned so well for less than 12.00. The other color options are 9.99. You can most likely use any pen mouse that is comfortable for your grip, I’m just sharing the link of the product in case anyone wants to know what type of mouse I am using. You can use any similar design and I’m sure it will relieve your symptoms if you’re on the computer a lot. When it comes to lifting babies and kids though, you’ll probably have to rely on relatives helping you as much as possible with the heavy lifting and other methods of pain relief. As I mentioned before, I strongly recommend turmeric and tart cherry juice, and Pilates because childbirth and rearing really affects our spine and realignment. Afterwards, follow it all up with a relaxing epsom salt bath. You deserve it!


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