Best and Worst Christmas presents for parents

Its the season for giving and receiving. For some of us that means cringing at some of the presents our kids reveal. If you like to be in a parent’s good graces, I’ve made a Best/worst gift guideP.

Top Worst presents for Kids under 9

  1. Card games
    As fun as these are for adults, they end up all over the house when kids are involved.
  2. Noise makers
    Is it just me or do grandparents get a kick of torturing us with these? These presents are hardly ever productive and just grate on parents’ nerves.
  3. Any plastic toys
    There is no single toy that will make the difference in our lives and entertain our kids for hours. They will all get touched for an hour at most and become just one more thing, we the parents have to disinfect.

Best presents

  1. Experience presents
    Parents love these type of gifts because we love finding enriching activities for our kids but don’t always have the budget. Even if everyone just gets together to buy us one of these instead of buying a bunch of individual presents that will end up littered across the floor like a land mine, we’ll be pleased. Any experience present can be tickets to a show,  a membership to a family friendly place, or even a class. If the cost is too expensive, you can always offer your own services, teaching the kids something you’re skilled in, whether it’s baking or a sport.
  2. Art supplies
     Kids go through crayons and markers like your dryer goes through socks. Art supplies are always welcome and will no doubt come in handy when the kids energy needs to be redirected to something quieter and more creative.
  3. DIY kits
    These range from slime making to bath bombs or jewelry . They are as useful as art supplies and employ the kids curiosity. Plus if they become good at it, we can use our kids as elves for future presents.
  4. Gymnastics mats or indoor playground materials
     It’s insane how expensive these are but they are undeniably useful. Kids love to tumble and jump and these are incredibly durable. If you can buy just one slide or chip in with someone else, it will be well worth it for the kids and parents.
  5. A bouncer or indoor trampoline
    Another present that will burn our kids energy and keep the soles of our feet safe.
  6. Legos
    Yes, they are small, end up anywhere and make wonderful booby traps but they are also wonderful learning tools. If you see that the family is a fan of legos, go for it!



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