Why I Quit Amazon Prime

  1. Poshmark– On Poshmark you can buy used items but you can also find new items with tags or new without the tags. I have even purchased new beauty items for much less than what Sephora would charge. The best part is Poshmark users ship surprisingly quick! I tend to get my items within three days.
  2. Ebay I buy a lot of the kids toys or learning tools on eBay now. It’s just not worth it to get them new toys when they often break them or forget about them within weeks. Learning tools also often don’t turn out as useful as I envisioned them to be so it’s nice to get them at half the cost on eBay. Ebay users have also surprised me with their quick shipping these days. As long as you’re buying within the same country, the shipping has been 3-4 days for me.
  3. Etsy- Who doesn’t love to support a fellow artist or parent? When you buy on Etsy, you know your money is going to an individual similar to yourself. It’s the ideal place to get a thoughtful gift for someone or decor that will set your home apart. I do have to admit shipping periods will vary on the seller here.
  4. iHerb– I discovered this website looking for supplements for my kids. The vitamins are a fraction of the cost that they are at other stores, yes, including Amazon. They also sell groceries, beauty products, bath, and baby products. The best part is shipping only takes two days. They always have offers and if you spend over 20.00 you get free shipping, which makes it relatively easy to meet their minimum.

I cancelled my Amazon Prime a few months ago . My cancellation didn’t come out of any type of spite for their growing wealth. I’ve seen the articles about how much their capital grew during the pandemic and I can’t even be mad at them. If they are offering a service that people need then what else is going to happen? Of course I wish COVID crackdown measures had affected small businesses less but none of these factors had to do with my cancellation. For some reason I kept getting random charges from Amazon. I can’t explain why, but I’d randomly get signed up for digital subscriptions and have to contact them through live chat to cancel and get a refund. Then their billing screwed up and charged me twice in one month. At that point I’d had it, asked for my refund, and cancelled. My husband initially said he would sign up with his account after a few months if we needed it but in the process of using alternatives, I discovered that a lot of places have really stepped up their shipping game and I don’t even miss Amazon. Here are a few of my favorite alternatives:

Hopefully these alternatives will be helpful to you too. Good luck on your breakup 🙂

Photo by Mister Mister on Pexels.com

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