Honey Beauty Hacks for Busy Moms

I remember when I used to enjoy shopping. Nowadays my shopping trips are filled with a chorus of “Can we get this!? Look at this! I want this toy! CANDY!!!” and my daughter crying to be taken out of the stroller. I usually end up rushing through my shopping trip after growing tired of telling my son to stop grabbing everything in sight and for goodness sake can I just pay for my purchases without having to bark orders and soothe a fussy baby? When I finally have a chance to pamper myself, I do appreciate a little DIY. Honey is one of my favorite at home beauty fixes. It’s moisturizing and softening effects are multi-purposeful.

  1. Honey Deep Conditioning Mask Mix two parts conditioner in an empty container with one part honey. I like to repurpose old ones for this. Apply the mix to damp hair and let it soak anywhere from two hours to overnight (wrap your hair to protect your pillow). Once you wash it out, your hair will feel super soft and bouncy. My curls even seem springier after I do this treatment.
  2. Honey-Turmeric Face mask- You can do any combination you desire for this. I like to make a paste with honey and turmeric to brighten up my skin and give it a glow. Other favorites are honey and oatmeal, honey and yogurt and finally honey and egg yolks or all of the above. You can leave it on your face for twenty minutes, while you get complete any tasks you need or watch your favorite show. After you wash it off, your skin will feel more supple.
  3. Honey Brown Sugar Lip Scrub- Mix one teaspoon of honey with one teaspoon of brown sugar. Feel free to add a drop of Coconut oil or a pop Vitamin E liquid capsule for extra luscious lips. Apply the scrub and rub it in with your fingertips working a circular motion to rub off dead skin. Wash it off for smooth plump lips.

Those are my favorites! Customize the recipes to your heart’s desire and add candles to really set the mood.



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