How I finally started making money on social media

Before having kids and even the first two years with my little boy, I did a lot of in person Spokesmodel/Brand Ambassador work. I loved it, since I was actually able to go to events not just for free but in exchange for payment. I’m a very active person and events very much. After a while, however, it became difficult to have such an unpredictable schedule with a little one. While I missed the perks of Brand Ambassador work, I wanted to make sure I would be able to be with my little boy to read him his bedtime story. Brand Ambassador work slowly became available online, through social media and I was eager to become a part of it. I would even be able to include my kids in on it and connect with people who aren’t even geographically close to me. I don’t think this is a replacement for face to face interaction with consumers at events but I think it serves as a complement in marketing. The problem was no one was really willing to share the worthwhile agencies. Everyone I asked was so secretive, “Oh I’m with an ‘influencer’ agency,” insert hair flip. I don’t even like the word influencer to be honest. We’re still Brand Ambassadors and people are abusing the term. I did a lot of digging and signed up with many terrible agencies that were really just out there to spam us or get us to promote poorly made clothing as affiliates. I did find a few agencies, however that I feel comfortable recommending. Some have smaller campaigns, so they accept people with smaller amounts of followers, others have large campaigns and it might take a while to find a fit for you.


Influenster is really a reviewing community and the perk is that you get free products. It doesn’t seem like they pay for campaigns but you can choose what kinds of products you are willing to receive, reject a campaign and give an honest review.


This website has paid campaigns. They pay pretty fast and are straightforward but sometimes it takes a while for a campaign to come along.


Most of the campaigns that you see on here are looking for people with a larger following but they are high quality campaigns that pay a little more. They also get mostly, food blogger, lifestyle and parenting campaigns.


I love the campaigns on One2one. They are usually fun simple posts and sometimes give  product or gift cards. I find that it’s always worth my time.


HypeFactory shows a lot of campaigns in it’s marketplace and pays a minimum of 50.00 per post and takes a ten percent fee. They do not seem to require you to have a ton of followers to sign up, maybe at least a thousand. You can cash out after you make at least 50.00.

There are many more agencies out there, but these are the ones that I found worth my while. I’ve downloaded so many apps that I just ended up deleting. The biggest piece of advice I can give you is to make sure you have original content on your Instagram posts and not many reposted memes. This will affect your ability to land a campaign. If you want to repost memes or motivational quotes, do it on your Instagram story, not your newsfeed. You can also make Instagram Pinterest boards. You should also make sure you’ve defined your niche. Will you be posting about parenting, lifestyle, fashion, or food? While you can have a mix of two it is rare to do all of the above successfully. Clients tend to like accounts that are focused on one because that’s what your following is looking for. If you haven’t defined your niche yet, have a look at your audience and what posts you think they are responding to the most. Engagement, that is authentic likes and comments from your audience is much more important than followers. Don’t obsess over followers if you don’t have an active response. You need a healthy ratio of engagement to following. Lastly your comments should not be a bunch of spam and make sure your posts are good quality posts.


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