I caved and tried those Freddy pants

Good pants are hard to find. That’s probably why yoga pants and leggings have grown increasingly popular in the last decade but still I share Blair Waldorf’s sentiment that “leggings aren’t pants.” Sure, you can get away with it en route or back from the gym or dance class but other times, leggings just look lazy and cheap. Most men may disagree because they might enjoy the visuals they provide but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re not pants.

Knowing all of this, I still pondered buying myself the glorified leggings on Instagram, otherwise known as Freddy pants. They promised to be super comfortable and I loved the biker look that some of them had but they ran for over $100.00 a pair and that seemed high to me for something that wasn’t actual legit biker chic leather. There were other pairs that looked like cute riding pants. I’ve always struggled with finding pants that fit the way I want them to. I either end up with pants that are too tight or that get too loose too quickly. Instead of falling into that cute slouchy boyfriend jean look, I end up trashily showing the top of my underwear. I want my pants fitted and flattering without cutting off circulation or showing camel toe. If they are loose, I prefer it to be in a cute 90s grunge way. All the flattering pictures of the Freddy pants led me to believe that these jeggings might just be fitted enough to conform to my body without showing too much and the reviews made me think the price was justifiable because of the quality. I waited for a sale and bought myself a gray pair that would go with everything. The pants arrived in cute packaging with a branded ribbon tied around them. When I unveiled them, I was shocked by how tiny they looked. I was sure, I had followed their size requirements on the website. I put them on, the way you put on panty hose, having to fold the material together to get it over your skin. Once they were on me, it was laughable how blatantly legging like they were. Even with the discount, I had paid 60.00 for a pair of leggings that had fancy seams around the butt. The seams also didn’t look very riding pants like on me and instead just seemed to cry “Look at me! Look at this peach emoji! Look how squished it is!” Despite the seams framing my butt, the tiny pantyhose like leggings seemed to be squishing everything in like some kind of spanks. I did have to wear them out though, I mean I paid 60.00 for them. I slipped them on a week later for a Yoga studio barbecue. I figured a yoga studio was the place to get away with leggings. After I was slipping the 60.00 panty hose on and pulling them up at the waist, they ripped at one of the seams on the side of my left leg. If I had paid full price for these, they would have cost me 95.00  Almost a hundred dollars for a pair of leggings that rips easily. I wore them the rest of the day because I wasn’t going to take them off after that effort. After washing them twice, they’ve developed another hole at one of the pockets. Needless to say, I don’t recommend Freddy for your jegging needs. Believe it or not, to this day, the best and most flattering jeans I’ve ever bought have been from Charlotte Russe for 30.00. I’ve even tried on True Religions and other expensive brands that I was promised were worth their weight in gold but I have never found anything better. Alloy Apparel is also great for long legged gals such as myself. Maybe, one day I’ll try Lululemons. Until then, I’ll relive my college days and go to the Charlotte Russe at the mall to see if they still have the magic touch.


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