How I manage my toddler’s curly hair

I had always envisioned that I would enjoy doing my daughter’s hair. Before having a daughter, I enjoyed styling my husband’s nieces and youngest sister’s hair. The time came when my daughter was finally a toddler with a full head of hair, however and things didn’t turn out as planned. She just wants to go go go! She wants to play with her dolls and keep up with her brother, not sit still while I do her hair. Even when she is doing her own doll’s hair she swears the slightest touch from a brush is painful. The best solution to detangling her little curls has been when she is already playing in a bubble bath with her toys. I fill it with some balls from the ball pit so she is distracted. Since her hair is wet, I just lay the conditioner into her hair so its extra slippery and easy to detangle. I use a paddle brush and a wide toothed comb. Once its all detangled, I rinse out the conditioner. If she allows me, once she is out of the tub I do some twists to keep it in place just a day longer. If it’s too unruly the next day, I spritz it with a detangler spray. You can use “mo more tangles” or make your own with diluted conditioner and water in a spray bottle. I don’t particularly mind having a toddler with messy hair, I think it’s cute and I’ve always thought messy hair makes them look like fairies but most grandmas don’t seem to share that opinion. Her hair had gotten pretty long but since the temperature is heating up, I noticed her head gets itchy when she sweats. Considering she isn’t the best at letting me detangle, I opted to trim it during quarantine. In order to keep the curls layered and give them a nice shape, I put her hair into a ponytail, flipped it forward and cut it horizontally. Once the ponytail is released, I just needed to trim a few wisps that ended up longer than others. Its easier to get away with a DIY haircut with curly hair. Maybe when she is older I will be able to do some Greco-Roman hair styles. Until then, she will just run around like a little pixie with loose bouncing curls.


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